Mechanism of plant gene expression

After application Atonik constituents penetrate quickly and easily into plant cells and are immediately metabolized in to compounds occurring naturally in plants and perform similar functions.

The first changes, clearly seen already after 24 h, are noted  on a molecular level. Experiments on model plant Arabidopsis thaliana L.,   in which the most advanced microarray technology was employed, showed that Atonik causes considerable changes in gene expression.

Among genes with a changed expression level, the vast majority (over 90 %) are genes with higher expression, which means that those genes are more “efficient” in plants treated with Atonik or induced.   In other words, the genes are active only after application of Atonik.

Those genes are involved, amongst other factors, in plant growth and development (both vegetative and generative), photosynthesis, plant hormones metabolism, transport and defence response against biotic  and abiotic stresses. It can be assumed that processes regulated    by genes with a higher expression level are more effective.