Mechanism of success

How it works in detail

Atonik is a plant growth regulator and biostimulant based on 3 nitrophenolates (naturally occurring compounds in plant cells) approved in the European union and registered in many countries as a plant protection product. Atonik has many benefits, including regulating rooting, flowering, fruit setting and fruit growth, it increases the production of natural auxins and boosts cytoplasmic streaming, thus promoting larger yields and higher quality crops at harvest.

Plants treated with Atonik show stronger vegetative growth and corresponding generative development, improved biomass accumulation, membrane integrity and cell wall lignification by optimizing cell function. Healthy growth is achieved even under unfavorable growth conditions thanks to improved photosynthetic performance and the use of available water. Preventive treatment activates the plant’s defense systems and makes plants more resistant to diseases and certain harmful insects (e.g. through stronger cell walls).

Atonik reduces the negative impact of biotic and abiotic stress, helping the plant to thrive throughout the growing season. Preventive treatment activates plant defence systems, making plants more resistant to diseases and certain insect pests (e.g. throught stronger cell walls). Atonik builds a higher tolerance to adverse growing conditions (including drought, low temperature and soil salinity) and accelerates the regeneration of plants after adverse influences such as frost, hail or phytotoxicity from herbicide use. Atonik is the ideal product for promoting healthy growth within modern integrated crop production. Atonik is safe for bees and beneficial insects. With its low application rate and its performance, Atonik also fits seamlessly into profit-oriented crop cultivation from an economic point of view.

Atonik can be used in many tank-mix combinations together with plant protection products as well as foliar fertilizers. Synergistic effects are an additional benefit. ATONIK is used at low rates and provides growers with a cost-effective, sustainable solution.