Product introduction

Atonik is a plant growth regulator and biostimulant based on 3 nitrophenols (naturally occurring compounds in plant cells) registered in European union as plant protection product. Our product regulates flowering, fruit setting and fruit growth. It increases the production of natural auxins and boosts cytoplasmic streaming, thus promoting bigger crop yields and higher quality harvests. Atonik treated plants show better growth and generative development, improved biomass accumulation and higher efficiency of photosynthetic apparatus, water status, membrane integrity and cell wall lignification. Atonik reduces the negative impact of biotic and abiotic stress. Preventive treatment activates plant defence systems, plants are more resistant to diseases and certain insect species. Atonik builds better tolerance to unfavourable growing conditions (drought, low temperature, soil salinity, etc.) and accelerates regeneration of plants after damages (frost, hail, less selective herbicides, etc). Atonik is ideal product for healthy growth, quick recovery, better quality harvest and suitable solution for successful farmers. Atonik is produced and developed by Asahi Chemical Manufacturing, located in Nara, Japan. Over 50 years of research and development in co-operation with more than 100 Universities and Scientific Institutions has resulted in many global patents and scientific articles. The product is commercialized and proved by farmers in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas for the treatment of various crops such as winter wheat, rice, maize, oilseed rape, sugar beet, potato, sunflower, soybean, cotton, fruit trees, olives, grapes, citrus, berries, cucurbits, solanaceous, leafy and root vegetables.